Pro-Tec Powder Paint,  Super Glow Powder Paint, Pro-Flake Glitter Coat, PowderFlake Glitter and more...

Imagine a paint with no odor, no drying time, no solvents, and no mixing.  Now imagine a brilliant, super-durable high gloss finish in seconds!  These qualities coupled with a huge selection of colors have made Pro-Tec Powder Paint the obvious choice for thousands of tackle manufacturers and fishermen worldwide.

It's as easy as 1... 2... 3... heat it, dip it, tap it!


Pro-Tec Powder Paint

     Standard, Fluorescent, Chrome, and Candy (transparent) Colors. 


Pro-Tec Glow Powder Paint

     Glow Colors.  8 Colors to choose from.


Super Glow Powder Paint

 New longer lasting, brighter glow available in 6 Super Glow colors.


Custom Color Powder Paint

Custom mixed colors you can't find anywhere else!


Custom Flash Colors

Candy Colors mixed with Holographic Glitter


Pro-Flake Glitter Coat

  Pro-Flake comes pre-mixed with clear powder paint.  No Mixing, no fuss. 



PowderFlake Glitter

Pro-Flake doesn't give you the glitter look you want? Mix your own to get the look you want.


Holographic PowderFlake Glitter

Get that extra flash with Holographic Glitter


Disco Powder Paint

NEW!  Disco Flash Powder Paints.  6 Disco Colors!



Crinkle Colors

Add a new effect to your arsenal!




Matte Finish Powder Paint

4 New No-gloss Matte Colors

UV Blast

A clear overcoat that will reflect critical UV light







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