Captain Jay's Blade Baits


Captain Jay's blade baits are 1/2 oz. All are individually made and hand painted one at a time with powder paint, and then cured. They have #2 split rings and size 8 Mustad treble hook on the front and a size 8 Mustad treble hook on the back.


The best approach to fish these is to snap jig the blade baits while drifting. Trying to stay as close to vertical as possible.

Braided line is preferred, and then a barrel swivel at the end, and about an 18" mono or fluorocarbon leader. Without the braided line, you can't feel the blade vibrating. They will stop vibrating properly with a 1/4" zebra muscle attached to them, and you would never be able to feel it without the braid.

Lower the blade till it just touches bottom. Snap the lure up about 18" or so, (you should feel the vibrations all the way to the reel) and then LOWER (do not drop) the lure back to the bottom on a tight line. This is the biggest mistake people make. They just drop their tip of the pole straight back down, and the lure free falls. 50% of your hits will come on the drop, and if your free falling, you never feel them. Plus, if you notice that your blade bait or line is getting tangled in the hooks a lot, then your probably giving it slack on the way down.

After you lower it back down, as soon as you set it back on bottom, snap it right back up again. The other 50% of you hits will come as soon as the jig touches bottom, and your immediate snap back up will actually be your hook set. What happens is that the walleye will follow your blade bait along the bottom, and as soon as it touches bottom, they will flair their gills, sucking the lure in, and then spitting it back out, all in less than a second. If your not jigging it back up immediately to get the hook set, you will miss a lot of fish.


Please Note:  Captain Jay has discontinued putting on the top split ring.


New colors!!  Silver Perch


Click here to watch the video on how to fish blade baits!!

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